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Oh Canada!

Due to the complex alcohol laws in Canada, we have more information about The Fleur Club membership prices and processes.

Welcome Canada

So, you live in Canada. Here’s how it works.

Canadian members of The Fleur Club pay for the wine in U.S. dollars via their credit card at the prices reflected on the website.

The shipping cost to Canada will be calculated based on the number of bottles purchased (60–750 mL bottles maximum per shipment). See the table below.

The wine will be shipped via FedEx from The Fleur Napa Valley to the Liquor Control Board (LCB) in Canada to the province of the recipient and temporarily held.

At this time, the LCB will contact The Canadian Fleur Club member directly to collect the payment of duties and taxes for each shipment. Duties and taxes are determined by province. See the table below.

This also applies to gifts and gift memberships. A gift sender cannot take care of duties and taxes on behalf of the recipient. Estimated duties and taxes are based on the destination province and paid by the recipient.

Shipping to Canada

Shipping Costs

Here is a quick reference guide for shipping costs for Canada:

  • 1-6 bottles            = $120 USD
  • 7-12 bottles          = $195 USD
  • 13-18 bottles        = $245 USD
  • 19-24 bottles       = $295 USD
  • 25-26 bottles       = $395 USD
  • 37-48 bottles       = $540 USD
  • 49-60 bottles       = $660 USD
  • +$25 surcharge per 6 bottles in wooden crate

Duties / Taxes Canada

Duties & Taxes

Here is a quick reference guide for duties & taxes in Canada:

  • Alberta: 10-15% wine value
  • British Columbia: 85-90% wine value
  • Ontario: 110-120% wine value
  • Manitoba: 10% wine value
  • Quebec: 110-120% wine value
    • The buyer and recipient must be the same person
  • Other Provinces: Any other provinces not listed cannot receive DTC wine shipments at this time